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Man shot in the face and killed at a bar in Brazil
Uploaded On:Monday 17th of October 2022
Two men were arrested in the act after shooting a man dead inside a bar in the early hours of this Wednesday, (10/12/2022), in Itajobi (SP). According to information in the police report, the two suspects, one aged 25 and the other aged 32, entered the establishment, which is in the city center, at around 3 am, and fired several shots at the victim, Marcos Vilas, 47 years old. . Three shots hit the victim, one in the head, one in the collarbone region and the other in the chest. He ended up dying on the spot. Bullet marks were also scattered on the walls of the trade. After committing the crime, the duo fled to Catanduva (SP), in a Fiat/Toro. Military police chased the two and managed to arrest them in the act. The perpetrators confessed to the crime and stated that the weapon used in the crime had been discarded on the side of a highway, however, the police were unable to find it. Marcos' body was taken to the IML of Catanduva and the two individuals remained detained at the disposal of justice. They will answer for murder for a futile motive.