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Man shot point blank in the back of the head at a store in Brazil (Action + Aftermath)
Uploaded On:Sunday 30th of October 2022
This Friday (28), around 5 pm, a man was executed with shots to the head inside a drinks distributor, a security camera of the establishment caught the crime, which took place in the Novo Horizonte neighborhood, in the city of Serra. In the images, it is possible to notice the perpetrator of the crime, passing by the victim unnoticed wearing “pawn” clothes and boots, when he suddenly returns in a premeditated way, shooting the victim in the back of the head who falls to the ground. Even with the man shot in the back of the head already on the ground, the shooter appears to have unloaded the gun in the victim’s face, showing a lot of hatred. After the crime, the murderer then quietly flees in the face.