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Former mayor candidate El Chikis gets eliminated with an assault rifle
Uploaded On:Monday 31st of October 2022
In the state of Campeche, José de Jesús Arámbul, known as "El Chikis", was shot to death and was a former candidate of the Citizen Movement for the municipal presidency of Ixtlán del Río. According to the investigations, Jesús Arámbul had an arrest warrant in Nayarit for his involvement in the violent events that occurred in Ixtlán de Río on February 17. "El Chikis", was traveling as a co-driver in a Honda brand car on Patricio Trueba de Regil avenue, when he was shot. The vehicle where his body was found had more than 10 gunshot wounds, according to the first versions offered by the Campeche prosecutor, Renato Sales.