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Hitman pretends to be a customer and shoots store owner at close range, Brazil
Uploaded On:Wednesday 11th of January 2023
The killer pretended to be a customer and killed Clovis Lira, 33, the owner of a snack bar, on Rua Flamboyant, in Bairro Alto Alegre, in Cascavel, this Tuesday afternoon (10) As you can see in the surveillance camera footage, the criminal arrived at the scene and approached the trade owner, pretending to be a customer. The owner of the establishment took a can of soda and, shortly thereafter, was hit by several shots. The killer wore a T-shirt, gray in color, jeans, sneakers and cap. The Civil Police released the videos to the press so that the author of the homicide can be located. Information about the accused can be forwarded to the security forces by calling: 153, 190 or 197. Siate rescuers were called and could only confirm the death. The Legal Medical Institute collected the victim's body and the case will be investigated.