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Two gang members are killed after being approached by rival faction and taken out with assault rifles, Ecuador
Uploaded On:Monday 23rd of January 2023
Double assassination in Puerto Bolívar, subjects killed Hugo Pedro Leones Zambrano and Milton Jahir Pérez Torres, early this Sunday, January 22. Double crime in Puerto Bolívar, in the 'Acapulco' neighborhood, after an alleged shooting in this sector, the detonations alarmed the residents, after what happened two lifeless bodies were left in the place, according to the National Police this would be a confrontation between Criminal gangs also found more than 60 ballistic evidence at the crime scene . Hugo Leones Zambrano's body has 37 holes produced by a firearm, while Milton Pérez Torres had 15. The National Police, the Prosecutor's Office and other agencies came to this sector to carry out the corresponding procedures and investigations to try to find those responsible for this bloody act.