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Man shot in the face and robbed after refusing to hand over gold chains in the Dominican Republic
Uploaded On:Tuesday 27th of June 2023
Through a robbery, criminals killed Michel Vásquez González with several shots , who was stripped of several chains that he was wearing at the time of the robbery. Vásquez González was the deputy director of transportation for the Puerto Plata Aqueduct and Sewerage Corporation, Coraapplata. The event occurred on José Eugenio Kunhart Avenue, near the José Dubeau High School , near the house of the deceased, this Sunday afternoon. In a video circulating on social networks, it is observed how Vásquez González is sitting in a chair on the street, with a lady in front of him, while one of the unscrupulous men approaches him from behind with a gun in his hands . At one point, in the middle of the discussion, the deputy director of Coraapplata gets up from his chair and starts a struggle with the criminal, who, seeing the action, shoots him at point-blank range.