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Lawyer and successful nightclub owner was shot dead by hitman in Peru
Uploaded On:Tuesday 5th of September 2023

The victim had been part of the environment of the former regional president Yván Vázquez Valera. He also owned the Sucesos nightclub. Security cameras captured the exact moment in which a hitman ended the life of Serman de la Cruz Flores, who had been a confidant of the former regional president of Loreto, Yván Vázquez Valera.

This murder occurred yesterday at 5:30 p.m., when two criminals arrived on a motorcycle to the victim 's residence , located on María Parado de Bellido Street, in the Moronacocha area, in the city of Iquitos, in Loreto.

One of the attackers got off the motorcycle and shot the lawyer mercilessly.

Upon leaving the scene, the attacker also shot the lawyer's assistant, Andree Cubas Rieckhof, and he was rushed to the EsSalud hospital in Iquitos and is in critical condition.

The National Police is examining the security camera recordings to identify the criminals and find their whereabouts.

Serman de la Cruz was one of the most prominent lawyers in Iquitos and owner of the Sucesos nightclub.

In response to these events that occurred on Sunday, the regional governor of Loreto, René Chávez Silvano, expressed his regret and requested an increase in the number of police officers assigned to each district, demanding that 50 officers be assigned to each jurisdiction instead of only 3 or 4.

“Today the Minister (of the Interior) just called us and confirmed that he is going to come to the city (of Iquitos) this week, the Special Forces are mobilized and they approve the change of the general (police command),” he said. during a meeting with regional authorities.

The crime has shocked the residents of the city, who ask the authorities to imprison those responsible for the incident.