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Debt collector shot dead in broad daylight in Mexico
Uploaded On:Saturday 30th of September 2023

The exact moment in which a motorcyclist was shot in San Felipe de Jesús was recorded on the video camera of a truck that passed through the area.

During the unit’s journey, the exact moment is observed in which a man, approximately 25 years old, thin, wearing white pants, white tennis shoes and with his face covered, approaches the victim, shoots him and causes him to fall. of your motorcycle. Once the affected person is on the ground. The attacker continues shooting and then flees.

Authorities reported that witnesses to the crime reported that the man fled running and boarded a silver Chevrolet Corsa car where another accomplice was already waiting for him to immediately escape from the scene, as well as two subjects who were traveling on a black motorcycle and one of Its crew wore a red helmet.

The victim was identified as 32-year-old Anderson, who was a resident of the San Juan Bosco neighborhood.

“The man was a lion, but he worked as a collector of loans drop by drop with a group of subjects of Colombian nationality,” reported an official from the Prosecutor’s Office close to the investigation of the crime anonymously.

At the scene, neighbors reported that his wife is of Colombian nationality and that she is pregnant. She even arrived at the scene in pajamas after being informed about the murder.

Another piece of information that was revealed was that Anderson and another woman arrived at one of the businesses there to collect a loan. The woman entered the premises and he stayed outside waiting, aboard the motorcycle. It was at that moment that the crime occurred.