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Mechanic is shot in the head in front of his workshop - Argentina
Uploaded On:Wednesday 22nd of November 2023

A 44-year-old mechanic was shot in the head when he was at the door of his workshop in the Villa Galicia neighborhood, in Lomas de Zamora, where he was surprised by two people who approached him on a motorcycle, one of whom shot, in what is suspected to have been a settling of scores, police and judicial sources reported today.

The victim was identified as Leonardo Abel Micheli, who at the time of the attack was in the workshop with a friend fixing the exhaust pipe of a motorcycle and went out to attend to the two attackers who arrived on a motorcycle, the spokespersons detailed.

According to judicial sources, the mechanic's health condition is very serious. Due to the mechanics of the attack, which was filmed by a security camera, the investigation is aimed at settling scores and, in that context, Micheli's cell phone and a computer were analyzed in order to find possible suspects or motives for the attack.