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Business man was shot in the head and killed during meeting inside restaurant - Aguascalientes, Mexico
Uploaded On:Friday 16th of February 2024

In an unexpected twist, Zacatecas businessman Óscar Vera was the victim of a murder with judicial overtones in a restaurant in the north of Aguascalientes, revealed the Secretary of Public Security of the State, Manuel Alonso García. Contrary to the presumption of an attack perpetrated by an armed commando, the background is revealed with a motive linked to a criminal trial related to the dispute over the patent of an explosive used in mining.

The scene was triggered during a conciliation meeting between the parties involved, following judicial instructions that established the need to carry out these negotiations in an impartial place. Aguascalientes was selected as the venue for these conciliations, and the Las Costillas de Sancho restaurant became the meeting place for the third time.

According to the story of the lawyer who accompanied Óscar Vera in this meeting, the litigation, which involved more than 70 million pesos, dates back to 2019. The intention of the meeting was to seek conciliation in the midst of this long and complex legal dispute.

While the negotiation table was taking place with the participation of seven people, the tragedy occurred when two alleged nearby diners approached; one of them shot directly at the victim. Although the Prosecutor's Office has initiated the relevant investigations, the possibility that the execution was the work of an armed commando is once again ruled out, shedding light on a dark episode marked by legal intricacies and unexpected violence.