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Hitman executes his target inside physiotherapy clinic - Arapiraca, Brazil
Uploaded On:Wednesday 15th of May 2024

Murdered inside a physiotherapy clinic in Arapiraca, businessman Isaías Vieira da Silva, aged 36, had been arrested twice: the first in 2014, for drug trafficking; the second this year, for illegal possession of a weapon.

Even so, he informed the police that he was registered as a sports shooter and hunter (CAC), which authorized him, as he said, to carry a gun. When he was arrested in 2024, the weapon was handed over to the police for investigation.

A month before he was murdered, he was ambushed on a street in the Baixão neighborhood, in Arapiraca. He was walking with his girlfriend when a red car approached him and members of the vehicle shot. He was hit in the leg and survived.

The businessman owned a private security company and has a partnership with a military police officer from Arapiraca. He was also a singer. On social media, he liked to sing Legião Urbana songs with a band.