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McDonalds Security officer knocks out 3 guys by himself!
Views: 73,586
Posted: 15 Feb at 22:48

Ex Disney star Orlando brown gets knocked out again!
Views: 84,056
Posted: 14 Feb at 14:57

Man killed after shooting at police!
Views: 67,004
Posted: 14 Feb at 10:33

Man gets executed in the favelas!
Views: 121,988
Posted: 14 Feb at 10:15

Robber gets shot by store owner!
Views: 39,106
Posted: 14 Feb at 9:53

Thiefs punished for stealing in brazil!
Views: 127,554
Posted: 13 Feb at 22:36

Doctors get into a fight outside the hospital! πŸ‘€
Views: 41,253
Posted: 12 Feb at 19:53

Woman gets slapped around the face for saying the N word!
Views: 110,638
Posted: 10 Feb at 18:57

Man gets crushed by a van in a flood!
Views: 53,211
Posted: 10 Feb at 18:45

Cartel getting rid of trash πŸ‘€
Views: 95,844
Posted: 7 Feb at 12:19

Armed robber shot dead by store clerk!
Views: 70,442
Posted: 7 Feb at 8:29

Man picks up a frog at a market in China and eats it alive!
Views: 119,649
Posted: 6 Feb at 21:36