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Club Slut shows off Skills on Champagne Bottle 👀
Views: 48,416
Posted: 23 Sept at 18:04

Damn: Thief gets captured and tortured with a taser
Views: 33,507
Posted: 23 Sept at 17:56

Yikes: Motorcyclist & passenger get into a crazy crash!
Views: 26,098
Posted: 23 Sept at 17:36

SMH: Man dies after stabbing in west London!
Views: 49,447
Posted: 23 Sept at 17:21

Damn: Crazy fight at the Movie Theater!
Views: 56,915
Posted: 18 Sept at 20:25

Yikes: Man almost gets shot in the face but the gun jams!
Views: 60,076
Posted: 17 Sept at 8:13

WOW: Woman gets her face swapped whilst awake!
Views: 66,762
Posted: 17 Sept at 7:47

Yikes: Man gets beheaded by a helicopters rear rotor!
Views: 120,531
Posted: 14 Sept at 11:00

Woah!: Guy Self-Immolates in Protest
Views: 58,197
Posted: 10 Sept at 12:12

Yikes!: Beating of the month so far must watch! 😩
Views: 70,322
Posted: 9 Sept at 20:43