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Young man executed with several headshots
Views: 63,941
Posted: 5 Nov at 22:04

Police officer gets slapped up and bullied in india!
Views: 19,041
Posted: 5 Nov at 21:26

Fight breaks out over the popeyes chicken sandwich!
Views: 27,269
Posted: 4 Nov at 22:49

Old man gets beat up for hitting someones truck!
Views: 24,038
Posted: 4 Nov at 12:28

Man shoots himself in the head at a gun range!
Views: 52,315
Posted: 4 Nov at 12:06

Thief gets captured tied up and electrocuted
Views: 51,657
Posted: 4 Nov at 11:22

What the hell is this?!
Views: 27,937
Posted: 3 Nov at 19:21

Car crashes into soccer ground where kids are playing!
Views: 24,578
Posted: 3 Nov at 14:50

Two guys get into a fight over a girl!
Views: 40,708
Posted: 3 Nov at 13:57

Man pays the price for teasing a leopard in india!
Views: 48,699
Posted: 2 Nov at 16:25