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Biker hit and crushed by a truck after loosing control
Views: 54,417
Posted: 22 Jul at 23:03

Brazilian couple executed in late night home invasion
Views: 76,213
Posted: 22 Jul at 22:52

Deadly shooting caught on CCTV
Views: 89,716
Posted: 20 Jul at 18:04

Man beats up two cops after resisting arrest and gets away
Views: 33,184
Posted: 20 Jul at 16:37

Man gets beat up by the mail man in a road rage dispute
Views: 38,331
Posted: 13 Jul at 23:30

Man gets run over by his own truck in brazil
Views: 34,755
Posted: 13 Jul at 20:57

Guy gets his hand blown off after a firework accident
Views: 81,074
Posted: 13 Jul at 20:55

Karen gets knocked out after getting into an argument
Views: 74,221
Posted: 13 Jul at 20:33

Smh: Guy gets beat up and jacked in front of his girl
Views: 71,859
Posted: 7 Jul at 20:14

Man gets dropped for saying the n word
Views: 70,833
Posted: 7 Jul at 20:02

Woman gets crushed by a drunk driver in India
Views: 102,762
Posted: 29 Jun at 14:49