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Man killed in Canada after getting hit off his scooter
Views: 50,531
Posted: 27 Jul at 16:24

Guy tries to fight a gay dude in the mall but gets beat up
Views: 65,155
Posted: 27 Jul at 13:23

Smh: Man gets stabbed in china and again after he collapses
Views: 58,740
Posted: 27 Jul at 12:55

Hopefully his dog turns on him one day
Views: 59,032
Posted: 27 Jul at 9:42

Bomb blast kills eight in Turkish held Syria town
Views: 62,260
Posted: 26 Jul at 21:48

Teenage girl shot dead during car scene in Hollywood
Views: 82,572
Posted: 26 Jul at 21:38

SMH: Lady forces a baby to eat
Views: 38,008
Posted: 26 Jul at 19:20

Inmate mutilated and beheaded in Brazil prison yard
Views: 93,139
Posted: 26 Jul at 18:55

Man gets executed by rivals in Favela using rusty weapons
Views: 62,077
Posted: 26 Jul at 18:35

Man got into an entanglement with farming machinery
Views: 60,758
Posted: 25 Jul at 19:26

Guy knocks out his friend for laughs
Views: 49,445
Posted: 25 Jul at 16:42