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Pregnant protester gets attacked by hong kong police!
Views: 24,667
Posted: 12 Nov at 14:41

Man attempts to repair an electrical transformer!
Views: 37,976
Posted: 12 Nov at 8:45

Man gets beat up by his girl and does nothing!
Views: 28,408
Posted: 11 Nov at 18:48

Man gets covered in gasoline and set on fire in hong kong!
Views: 48,691
Posted: 11 Nov at 10:30

Man gets wiped out by a truck during an ATV race!
Views: 33,625
Posted: 9 Nov at 10:55

Customer gets body slammed by Popeyes staff!
Views: 29,117
Posted: 8 Nov at 15:43

Septic gas tank explodes underneath two people!
Views: 34,892
Posted: 7 Nov at 0:32

Hand full on dominos to the face! 😖
Views: 37,367
Posted: 6 Nov at 20:49