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Aggressive fight between two teens at a high school!
Views: 45,564
Posted: 2 Nov at 14:23

Girl tackled by security after being kicked out the club!
Views: 33,890
Posted: 2 Nov at 13:25

Man screams in agony after catching fire!
Views: 49,829
Posted: 2 Nov at 1:53

Good reason to stay away from a house fire! 👀
Views: 26,229
Posted: 2 Nov at 0:21

Two guys get into a fight at a prison in brazil!
Views: 36,130
Posted: 2 Nov at 0:01

Man dies after getting flattened by a crane in india!
Views: 50,253
Posted: 1 Nov at 23:50

Crazy Girl Jumps Out of Stands During Soccer Game
Views: 31,680
Posted: 1 Nov at 23:41

Man gets burned alive inside a train!
Views: 23,848
Posted: 31 Oct at 23:16

Man gets crushed by a falling wall!
Views: 30,914
Posted: 31 Oct at 8:15

Bhad badie gets beat up by woahvicky!
Views: 53,058
Posted: 30 Oct at 15:45