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SMH: Child gets hit around the face with a wok in china!
Views: 50,874
Posted: 8 Sept at 20:26

Brutal head on collision with aftermath footage
Views: 97,777
Posted: 8 Sept at 20:18

17-Year-Old Girl Sucked into Sewer Chasing Her Belongings
Views: 48,214
Posted: 8 Sept at 20:08

Two chicks start fighting over a man!
Views: 46,052
Posted: 6 Sept at 16:02

Man gets beat up with indian lightsabers! (unknown reason)
Views: 45,386
Posted: 6 Sept at 15:52

SMH:Woman gets beat up by her husband for cheating!
Views: 58,006
Posted: 5 Sept at 0:01

Lion mules a man to death at a zoo in india!
Views: 72,601
Posted: 3 Sept at 21:06

Short guy gets knocked out for talking smack!
Views: 43,203
Posted: 3 Sept at 20:57

Thief gets set on fire in South Africa for stealing!
Views: 78,337
Posted: 3 Sept at 20:11

He coming back shooting! 🤦‍♂️
Views: 85,314
Posted: 30 Aug at 12:16

Bikers get run over after getting into a road rage incident!
Views: 79,259
Posted: 30 Aug at 10:18