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Rat gets bricked from above 🎯
Views: 140,269
Posted: 21 Jun at 21:09

Man gets poisoned by his partner for cheating!
Views: 183,850
Posted: 19 Jun at 6:47

Lovers caught fucking get beaten with sticks!
Views: 256,627
Posted: 18 Jun at 21:47

Woman shot in ruthless gang execution in Venezuela
Views: 195,733
Posted: 18 Jun at 21:31

Guy gets beat up in a hair salon for being racist
Views: 79,779
Posted: 18 Jun at 21:03

SMH: Dog gets dragged behind a car by the leash
Views: 53,348
Posted: 16 Jun at 22:53

Man gets beat up for being racist towards two teens
Views: 85,406
Posted: 16 Jun at 13:30

Guy gets run over for throwing rocks at cars!
Views: 74,282
Posted: 16 Jun at 12:02

Karma Hit This Old Head After Laying Hands On A Female
Views: 100,591
Posted: 16 Jun at 11:48

Man gets lynched from a Crane of the side of a bridge!
Views: 97,962
Posted: 15 Jun at 17:19