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Man gets beat up bad by a dude in a wheelchair!
Views: 40,085
Posted: 18 May at 20:22

Thief gets his hand slammed in a car door!
Views: 157,828
Posted: 15 May at 20:58

Ring camera captures man getting shot dead in Philly!
Views: 106,165
Posted: 14 May at 18:22

Man nearly crushed after pulling up in front of a truck!
Views: 28,854
Posted: 14 May at 8:32

Thief gets tied up and beaten for stealing!
Views: 84,293
Posted: 14 May at 7:19

Kids slide flips over while they were playing on it!
Views: 50,048
Posted: 13 May at 18:03

Yikes!...Man gets caught up in work machinery!
Views: 70,878
Posted: 13 May at 18:00

Man on his motorcycle gets destroyed at a intersection!
Views: 31,265
Posted: 13 May at 17:56

Man gets knocked out after getting into a beef on the train!
Views: 38,291
Posted: 12 May at 10:23