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Store owner gets set on fire after getting robbed!
Views: 24,444
Posted: Wed at 22:47

Man starts a fight but ends up getting knocked out!
Views: 16,889
Posted: Wed at 14:40

Woman critically hurt after falling from Bronx fire escape
Views: 40,028
Posted: 25 May at 8:53

Two mechanics do the airbag prank on a dog! 🤦‍♂️
Views: 49,712
Posted: 24 May at 14:41

Two prisoners have a sword fight using cement laying tools
Views: 53,730
Posted: 24 May at 13:09

Yikes girl sets her ass on fire and instantly regrets it!
Views: 46,539
Posted: 24 May at 7:33

Motorcycle rider gets wiped out by a coca cola truck
Views: 27,941
Posted: 23 May at 23:39

Young girl almost gets crushed by her dad!
Views: 31,890
Posted: 23 May at 23:37

Man gets shot after getting pulled up on by a motorcycle
Views: 27,895
Posted: 23 May at 23:33

Yikes: Woman gets hit over the head with a 2x4
Views: 36,006
Posted: 23 May at 23:29

Man gets stabbed to death in London
Views: 38,166
Posted: 21 May at 13:19

At Least Three People Shot at Arizona Shopping Center
Views: 55,016
Posted: 21 May at 12:34