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Cleaner electrocuted after coming into contact with a live wire
Views: 11,699
Posted: Yesterday at 10:50

Man gets stoned by mob in Afghanistan
Views: 16,781
Posted: Yesterday at 10:44

Woman hacked with machete during village attack in Nigeria
Views: 14,345
Posted: Yesterday at 10:04

Antifa attack a mans car with his dog inside
Views: 15,698
Posted: Mon at 20:46

Failed slaughter of a pig in China
Views: 24,267
Posted: Mon at 20:43

Dreadlock guy gets beaten up by a small chubby white kid
Views: 39,134
Posted: 20 Sept at 6:52

Road rage incident involving a baseball bat in Las Vegas
Views: 28,724
Posted: 20 Sept at 6:38

Man blows up a store by dropping a grenade outside of it
Views: 41,568
Posted: 19 Sept at 22:09

SMH: Guy violates and beats up his own mother in Brazil
Views: 35,681
Posted: 19 Sept at 21:59

Pedestrian killed after getting hit by a car in Sri Lanka
Views: 16,897
Posted: 19 Sept at 21:52

Man washed away after trying to swim up a stream
Views: 42,618
Posted: 19 Sept at 21:45