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Cafe argument turns into double murder!
Views: 7,951
Posted: 14 hours ago

Man gets Beat up by two trannys!
Views: 10,015
Posted: Tue at 22:32

Worker crushed by a heavy utility pole!
Views: 25,830
Posted: Tue at 10:52

Man gets dragged around and killed by a bull!
Views: 17,362
Posted: Tue at 10:06

Double murder at the gas station
Views: 25,053
Posted: 19 Jan at 12:23

Woman gets shot in the ass on facebook live!
Views: 33,677
Posted: 17 Jan at 16:07

Man gets run over by a horse!
Views: 17,803
Posted: 16 Jan at 12:13

Man gets beaten with sticks by soldiers
Views: 23,174
Posted: 15 Jan at 10:22

Brutal execution by rival gang member in brazil!
Views: 55,223
Posted: 14 Jan at 21:04

Store owner is no match for an AK47 👀
Views: 40,981
Posted: 14 Jan at 10:45